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You're a handy person and handy people need a helping hand once in a while too! We want to assist you with your Volkswagen repair any way we can! Looking for a specific Volkswagen part? We are a authorized Volkswagen Parts Department and carry genuine Volkswagen Parts direct from the manufacturer. The best fit for your Volkswagen will be a part that it was designed to wear.


Don Valley VW Parts department carries a number of VW specific parts such as, but not limited to: VW brake pads, rotors, wiper blades, alloy rims, tires, oil filters, headlamps, turning bulbs, batteries, air filters, struts, shocks, fuses, sensors, exhaust components, paints, body panels, chrome grills and accessories, turning signals, door handles, buttons, locks, floor mats, cup holders, car covers, tire totes, cleaning polishes, trunk covers, roof racks, bike racks, ski racks, storage racks, USB converter kits, speakers and hub caps.


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