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  Why Use Volkswagen Original Parts?
Volkswagen tires, brakes, oil filters, oil changes, wiper blades, shocks, ball joints, tires, rims, wheel packages and more Volkswagen original parts and accessories in toronto 

Why not keep your Volkswagen running like a Volkswagen! We know that our customers demand the highest quality parts and accessories, and that's why we provide Volkswagen Original Parts. Our Volkswagen Original Parts are perfectly matched to your Volkswagen because they are designed at exactly the same time as your Volkswagen was!
German-engineered, built to last, and backed by a limited warranty of 1 year / 20,000 km*.




Don Valley Volkswagen has been serving the GTA since 1966. Over the past 45 plus years we have seen a lot of changes in the automotive industry; we have gone from using paper books to state of the art computer catalogues to accommodate quicker paced life style. These catalogues are VIN driven to help us have better accuracy to locate the correct parts the first time. We also use the finest Volkswagen electronic parts inventory control system which helps us maintain a higher level of parts availability for a quicker vehicle repair time. If we need to order parts we will do our best to locate what is needed as quickly as possible. Your vehicle is important to you, so we treat it like one of your own. In addition to our vast selection of genuine parts, we can sometimes offer quality refurbished products on request, which can be cheaper.




Our highly trained personnel are always here to ensure that you get the right parts or accessories, when you need them! Please contact Don Valley Volkswagen your Toronto Parts Department about the benefits of Volkswagen Original parts, service and accessories today. If you have any questions on the products we offer, our technicians will be pleased to answer you and help you find the parts or accessories you are looking for, whether you wish to repair your car yourself or to customize it.




A little maintenance goes a long way. The following Volkswagen Original leaflets provide useful maintenance information and tips so you can continue to enjoy your Volkswagen for years to come. Only Volkswagen Original parts are engineered specifically for your vehicle. No retrofitting required. No modifications needed. Just the right part for your car at the right price.






Please download a Volkswagen part pamphlet for more details




Batteries Pamphlet

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Brakes Pamphlet

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Exchange Pamphlet

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Pollen Filter Pamphlet

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Shock Absorber Pamphlet

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Timing Belt Pamphlet

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Wiper Blades Pamphlet

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